#Bobchannel Gaming

So what the hell are we?

We're just some nerds what play video games. We don't even need a website for this but I just wanted to put a landing page on the utility subdomain used for server assets. Maybe I'll put in a calendar thing so we can see what and when scheduled classic games are up.

I mean my personal preference is FPS stuff but you can just do whatever! Anything that's fun

Like I really want to try Stellaris or Civilization some time but that's a big undertaking and I understand not everyone has the time or energy or dedication for that, let alone myself. So it's just whatever sounds good and works! But yeah I'll spin up game servers for old Half-Life mods that haven't been played by anyone in years. It's pretty fun.

This page isn't super helpful and I'm sorry

I just needed something to put up here for fun.